Our different Booking Systems can tailor to your needs, be it that you have a fleet of vehicles or no more than three we have booking systems that can cover everything you require including accessories, pricing for specific numbers of days and much more.

Please see below three different setups of the various ways this can be done.

Demo 1

This demo uses a calender for people to use to book when they would like to book the campervan from which then takes you to a page in which they can select the number of drivers and the duration of their trip which alters the price accordingly.

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Demo 2

This demo allows customers to choose a pickup and a return date at the beginning and displays vehicles available in the time frame set each with their own photo so customers can get a general grasp of what they look like as well as a brief description which can be added in.

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Demo 3

This demo has a full calender display for each vehicle so you can see each of their availability separately and customers can pick and choose the pickup and return days to which it then displays a picture, price and description similar to Demo 2.

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